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Ataira is a provider of products, solutions and development focusing on the full life cycle of business intelligence activities. With deep experience in Microsoft data and reporting technology we can help you derive real value from your information using best practices and certified skilled professionals.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2015, Ataira has worked with hundreds of clients in many industries and of various sizes. Based in the beautiful pacific northwest, we strive to enhance our relationship with the environment, community and eachother. Understanding our values and mission focuses our efforts on the unique value we provide to our customers.

Our Values
"Always: act with integrity, produce value, communicate clearly, strive for excellence."

Our Mission
"To be the go-to organization that our customers trust and are excited to work with on their most important Office 365 and business reporting initiatives."


Daniel Beebe, CEO/Founder - Daniel has 25 years experience in information technology delivering solutions for clients that deliver real world value. A proud US Army veteran, Daniel spent his early professional career working on the largest IT systems the military had to offer. From there, Daniel entered the civilian IT consulting industry, quickly climbing the ladder of professional roles and assisting forutune 500 companies vision, design and implement massive global initiatives.

Daniel has founded and sold multiple, successful tech companies in the technology, finance and healthcare fields. Today, Daniel works to enable small to medium sized businesses in simplifying their IT management activities and extracting meaning insights from the data they already have. Daniel founded Ataira in 2015 recognizing that small to medium sized business owners needed professional, trusted and affordable, out-sourced IT management and development solutions.

Corporate Information

Silver Microsoft Partner - As a cloud solution provider and official reseller since 2015, Ataira has broad and deep knowledge in development, management and support of the Office 365 suite and the full Microsoft business intelligece stack. We reguarly collaborate on providing the best solutions and support for our customers. Click here to view our profile on the Microsoft solution provider website.

Microsoft Power BI Partner - Recognized as an expert in the entire suite of Power BI products, we have demonstrated best practices in architecture, development and support. As a partner, we have access to breaking news on product features, a network of tier 2 support and input into future design ideas. Click here to view our profile on the Microsoft Power BI partners page.

Washington Technology Association Member - WTIA is the unifying voice for the technology community in Washington. We consolidate the power of member companies to solve business problems they can’t solve on their own.

Microsoft Power BI User Group Partner - The idea for the Power BI User Group (PUG) grew from the vision of a few Microsoft Power BI users - to connect with other Power BI users and learn firsthand the best way to leverage the software they used every day. From that initial vision to the official founding of the Power BI User Group (PUG), and continuing today, our mission has never wavered: to maximize the value to individuals and companies using Microsoft Power BI.

Veteran Lead Business - At Ataira we are proud of our US Armed Forces and have a strong commitment to social and economic programs and pro-actively attracting skilled veterans for leadership and techncial postions to fill our ranks. If you are a veteran, you are encouraged to check out our open positions on indeed.

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