Microsoft Intune Device Monthly


Microsoft Intune Device Monthly helps organizations to manage resources that aren t associated with a specific user-identity, such as kiosks, shared single-purpose devices, phone room resources, collaboration devices such as Surface Hub, and certain IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Administrators can easily add device management and security capabilities to dedicated devices from the same Intune console where the rest of the organizations identity-driven endpoints are managed.

Microsoft Intune Device Monthly is a cloud-based mobile management service that enables a workforce to be productive while keeping corporate data protected. With Intune, administrators can easily manage the mobile devices used by their workforce to access company data and manage the mobile apps that they use. It helps to ensure devices and apps are compliant with company security requirements.

Microsoft Intune Device Monthlye management works by using the protocols or APIs that are available in the mobile operating systems. It enables admins to enroll devices so the IT department has an inventory of devices that are accessing corporate services. Devices can be configured to ensure they meet company security and health standards. Admins are also given the ability to remove corporate data from managed devices, in the event the devices are lost or stolen.

With Intune app management, admins can assign mobile apps to employees, and configure apps with standard settings that are used when the app runs. The service enables control over how corporate data is used and shared by mobile apps. Intune reports can be run on mobile app inventory and on employee mobile app usage.

  • Mobile device management
  • Mobile app management
  • Application security
Key Benefits
  • Control how workforce accesses and shares corporate info
  • Supports compliance efforts
  • Protect corporate data from loss and theft