Power BI Premium P5



Power BI Premium P5 is a capacity-based offering that includes flexibility to publish reports broadly across an enterprise, without requiring recipients to be licensed individually per user. Greater scale and performance than shared capacity in the Power BI service. The ability to maintain BI assets on-premises with Power BI Report Server. One API surface, a consistent set of capabilities, and access to the latest features for embedded analytics.

What is Power BI Premium P5 Generation 2?

Power BI Premium P5 recently released a new version of Power BI Premium P5, Premium Gen2, currently in preview. Premium Gen2 will simplify the management of Premium capacities, and reduce management overhead. For more information about Premium Gen2, see Power BI Premium P5 Generation 2 (preview).

What does Power BI Premium P5 do? How does it work?

Power BI Premium P5 consists of capacity in the Power BI service exclusively allocated to each organization. The capacity is supported by dedicated hardware fully managed by Microsoft. Organizations can choose to apply their capacity broadly, or allocate it to assigned workspaces based on the number of users, workload needs, or other factors—and scale up or down as requirements change.

How is Power BI Pro different than Power BI Premium P5?

Power BI Premium P5 is a capacity-based license, while Power BI Pro and Premium Per User (PPU) are user-based licenses. Power BI Pro is for those users publishing reports, sharing dashboards, collaborating with colleagues in workspaces and engaging in other related activities – such as the ability to:

  • Edit and save customized views
  • Create personal dashboards (pin to new dashboard)
  • Analyze data in Excel or Power BI Desktop
  • Share with Excel Web App support
  • Share dashboards and collaborate with Microsoft 365 Groups
  • Integrate content with Microsoft Teams
  • A Premium Per User (PPU) license includes all the functionality of a Pro user, plus additional capabilities.

Power BI Pro or Premium Per User (PPU) is required to publish reports, share dashboards, collaborate with colleagues in workspaces and engage in other related activities. Power BI Pro isn't required to consume content in Premium capacity.