Teams Phone with Calling Plan GCC - 8N2-00012

Teams Phone with Calling Plan GCC

Teams Phone with Calling Plan GCC offers seamless communication, advanced call features with secure, compliant calling for government agencies
$17.45 USD/User$209.40 Prepaid Annually


Teams Phone with Calling Plan GCC is a comprehensive communication solution designed to boost your organizations productivity. This state-of-the-art product is engineered to provide a seamless and high-quality calling experience, integrating the convenience of team collaboration with the functionality of an advanced calling plan. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, this product is not only user-friendly but also packed with numerous features that cater to your organizations unique communication needs.

calling plan offers a range of impressive features. This includes:

  • Direct Routing: This feature enables users to connect their telecommunications provider to Teams, effortlessly merging voice and collaboration in one place.
  • Call Queue: This feature organizes incoming calls in a queue and distributes them to the next available attendant, ensuring efficient call management.
  • Audio Conferencing: This feature allows users to join a Teams meeting from any telephone by dialing a local access number.
  • Call Park: This feature enables users to put a call on hold, with the system generating a unique code for call retrieval.
  • Shared Line Appearance: This feature allows multiple phones to share a single phone number, ideal for teams working closely together.

With Teams Phone with Calling Plan GCC, your organization will enjoy streamlined communication and collaboration. This product integrates the traditional phone system with Microsoft Teams, enabling your team to make and receive phone calls, join meetings, and send messages all from one place. This unique integration results in a more efficient workflow and improved productivity, ensuring your organization stays connected and successful in the modern business landscape.

Eligibility and Validation: Office 365 Government plans are available to (1) qualified government entities, including US federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial government entities, and (2) other entities (subject to validation of eligibility) who handle data subject to government regulations and requirements, where use of Office 365 Government is appropriate to meet these regulations and requirements. The approval and provisioning of net-new GCC tenants may take up to five (5) business days to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Teams Phone with Calling Plan GCC?

Teams Phone with Calling Plan GCC is a cloud-based phone system in Microsoft 365. It provides the features businesses need such as the ability to make and receive calls, store call data, and manage user settings.

How does Teams Phone with Calling Plan GCC work?

Teams Phone with Calling Plan GCC allows users to make and receive calls from their devices using a Microsoft-provided calling plan. It integrates directly with Microsoft 365, so you can manage your phone system directly from the same console as your other services.

What are the benefits of using Teams Phone with Calling Plan GCC?

Some of the benefits include easy setup and use, no additional hardware or software is required, it provides a full featured phone system within Microsoft 365. Moreover, it allows for flexibility as users can make and receive calls from various devices and locations.