Microsoft 365 Domestic and Int Calling Plan Monthly Subscription AAA-13708

Microsoft 365 Domestic and Int Calling Plan Monthly Subscription

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With Microsoft 365 Domestic and Int Calling Plan Monthly employees can easily connect wherever they are with all new domestic and international calling capabilities in Microsoft 365 Domestic and International Calling Plan (formerly Microsoft Domestic and International Calling Plan). This convenient tool helps manage business calls with flexible, comprehensive plans for local, long-distance, and international calling.

Microsoft 365 Domestic and Int Calling Plan Monthly allows businesses to keep existing phone numbers, or they can easily request and assign new numbers in minutes for employees in multiple locations—no new lines or equipment needed. Use your client to make outbound calls to any phone number—domestic or international. In case of emergencies, use the built-in emergency dialing.

Users can receive calls using Skype for Business IP phones, PCs, and mobile devices wherever they are, and they can easily manage calls with features like hold, forward, transfer, and voicemail.


  • Number portability
  • Easy automation
  • Integrated number reservation

Key Benefits

  • Fast, flexible provisioning
  • Reliable inbound calling
  • Worldwide outbound calling

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Microsoft 365 Domestic and Int Calling Plan Monthly Subscription?

A new Microsoft 365 account is always associated with a subscription that your purchase from Microsoft or a Cloud Solution Provider, also known as a reseller. The platform for the new account is called a tenant where the security, features and users are managed in a central administration site. Your tenant will be created and the Microsoft 365 Domestic and Int Calling Plan Monthly Subscription provisioned as a part of the sign-up process.

How do I transfer my Microsoft 365 account?

Your Microsoft 365 tenant is independent of where you choose to purchase your subscriptions. You can purchase subscriptions directly from Microsoft or from a variety of official Cloud Solution Providers, also known as a reseller, at the same time. To transfer your Microsoft 365 account you only need to cancel the subscriptions with the other provider effective the start date of the new subscriptions.

Can I use my own domain with Office 365?

When a Microsoft 365 tenant is first provisioned its domain is created as "" where "mycompany" is a distinct name for the business or organization. When users are created their login user name by default will be "" until a custom domain is added. To setup a custom domain with Microsoft 365 it only requires adding a few DNS settings with your domain registrar. Once this is done users can login with a more readable user name such as "".

How do I download Office 365?

Many subscriptions in the Microsoft 365 suite of products or other Cloud Managegement software packages come with components that you download to your computer for use such as Office 365. Once your subscription is provisioned and assigned to a user the software can be downloaded from The user must be logged in with their Office 365 user account.