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Skype for Business Plus CAL

Skype for Business Plus CAL offers enhanced communication tools, including video conferencing, instant messaging, and call management features
$1.95 USD/User$23.40 Prepaid Annually
Savings: $0.60 under SRPMicrosoft SRP $2.00 USD/User$24.00 Prepaid Annually


Skype for Business Plus CAL is a comprehensive software solution that is created to facilitate seamless communication within your business environment. It is built with state-of-the-art features that aid in streamlining communication and collaboration between teams and individuals in a professional setting. This product is not just about messaging and video conferencing, it also provides advanced features that set it apart from other communication tools.

Some of the key features of Skype for Business Plus CAL are:

  • High Definition video and audio conferencing for crystal clear communication.
  • Collaboration tools for sharing screens, files, and co-authoring documents.
  • Enterprise-level security and compliance features to ensure data protection.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office applications for seamless workflows.
  • Calendar synchronisation for efficient scheduling and planning.

With these features, Skype for Business Plus CAL goes beyond being just a communication tool. It is a solution that enhances productivity and efficiency in a business environment. Whether youre working with a small team or managing a large corporation, Skype for Business Plus CAL is designed to meet your communication needs while ensuring the safety of your data and providing tools that streamline your work processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Skype for Business Plus CAL?

Skype for Business Plus CAL is an additional subscription license that provides access to advanced features in Skype for Business Server, such as audio/video conferencing, desktop sharing, and voice mail.

Is Skype for Business Plus CAL included in Office 365?

No, Skype for Business Plus CAL is not included in Office 365. It is a separate additional purchase.

Do I need Skype for Business Plus CAL for every user?

Not necessarily. Skype for Business Plus CAL is only required for users who need access to the advanced features it provides. Regular users can still use the basic functionalities of Skype for Business.