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Microsoft 365 F5 Security AddOn

Microsoft 365 F5 Security AddOn enhances cybersecurity with advanced threat protection, identity management, and data loss prevention capabilities
$7.80 USD/User$93.60 Prepaid Annually
Savings: $2.40 under SRPMicrosoft SRP $8.00 USD/User$96.00 Prepaid Annually


Microsoft 365 F5 Security AddOn is an essential product for any organization that values the safety and security of its information. This product is designed to provide comprehensive protection for your data across all Microsoft 365 applications. It serves as a robust shield against potential cyber threats, ensuring that your sensitive business information remains secure. The AddOn is also designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing Microsoft 365 suite, thus enhancing the overall user experience.

Microsoft 365 F5 Security AddOn comes with a multitude of features designed to bolster your data security. These include:

  • Advanced Threat Protection: This feature helps detect, prevent, and respond to threats in real-time.
  • Information Protection: Ensures the safety of sensitive information wherever its stored or shared.
  • Identity and Access Management: This feature aids in safeguarding user identities and controlling user access.
  • Security Management: Offers centralized visibility and control of your security environment.
  • Data Loss Prevention: This functionality helps identify, monitor, and protect sensitive information.

Investing in Microsoft 365 F5 Security AddOn is a strategic move towards securing your organizations digital infrastructure. Its more than just an add-on; its a comprehensive, proactive approach to data security. Whether youre a small business or a large enterprise, this product is designed to meet your unique security needs. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is protected by one of the most reliable and robust security solutions available in the market today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microsoft 365 F5 Security AddOn?

The Microsoft 365 F5 Security AddOn is a security service that enhances the protection of your Microsoft 365 applications. It offers advanced threat protection, secure access service edge (SASE) capabilities, and security for remote users.

How does Microsoft 365 F5 Security AddOn work?

The F5 Security AddOn works by protecting your Microsoft 365 applications from threats by using advanced security features. It uses a combination of application protection, bot defense, and secure access service edge (SASE) capabilities to provide comprehensive security.

How can I get Microsoft 365 F5 Security AddOn?

You can get the Microsoft 365 F5 Security AddOn by contacting a Microsoft representative or your Microsoft 365 provider. It's usually offered as an additional service or subscription on top of your existing Microsoft 365 plan.