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Windows 365 Business 1

Windows 365 Business 1 offers cloud PC access, seamless integration with Microsoft 365, robust security, and remote management for business users
$33.35 USD/User$400.20 Prepaid Annually


Windows 365 Business 1 is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations and maximize productivity. It is a cloud-based service that provides a comprehensive range of features designed to cater to all your business needs. This innovative product offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to access your virtual windows from any device, resulting in a seamless working experience.

Windows 365 Business 1 boasts an impressive list of features that sets it apart from its competitors. These include:

  • Cloud PC: This ensures that your apps, data, and settings are streamed from the Microsoft cloud, enabling you to pick up where you left off on any device.
  • Multiple Device Access: It allows you to access your Windows desktop and applications from any device, enhancing flexibility and convenience.
  • Advanced Security: It includes Microsofts state-of-the-art security measures that protect your data and information from potential threats.
  • Scalable Plans: It offers various plans that can be tailored to suit your specific business needs. This ensures that you only pay for what you need.
  • 24/7 Support: You can rely on round-the-clock customer support to promptly address any issues or queries you may have.

With Windows 365 Business 1, you have the power to effectively manage your business operations from anywhere, at any time. This product not only enhances productivity but also ensures that your data is secure. It is a reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. So take your business to the next level with Windows 365 Business 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Windows 365 Business 1?

Windows 365 Business 1 is a cloud service offered by Microsoft that allows businesses to experience Windows 10 or Windows 11 from anywhere, on any device. It provides an instant-on boot to their personal cloud PC where users can stream all their applications, tools, data, and settings.

What are the system requirements for Windows 365 Business 1?

As a cloud service, Windows 365 doesn’t have any specific hardware requirements for the user device. However, you need a device with an internet connection and a web browser to access your cloud PC.

How much does Windows 365 Business 1 cost?

The cost of Windows 365 Business 1 varies depending on the specific plan chosen and the region. It's best to check the official Microsoft website for the most current pricing information.